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HMC-30 regional DTMs and orthoimage Mosaics

The HRSC Mars Chart (HMC30) products include multi-orbit digital terrains models (DTMs) and ortho-rectified image mosaics derived from HRSC images, as well as follow-up data products such as pan-sharpened versions of the color image mosaics, color-coded shaded relief maps of the DTMs, and ready to print map sheets of the Topographic Image Map Series Mars 1: 700,000.

Below we provide a collection of links for data products currently available for download (in GeoTIFF format).

HMC-30 data products are organized according to a modified version of the USGS MC-30 global tiling scheme. All HMC-30 data products are based on improved modeling of imaging geometry using bundle-block adjustment, and are exact copies of the datasets produced by the Global Topography and Mosaics Task Group (GTMTG) of the HRSC Science Team.

Release of these data products, conforming to PDS standards, is currently in preparation through the Planetary Science Archive (PSA). Information on PDS volume and citation information will be provided on this page as soon as available.

Information on tiling scheme and naming conventions

HMC-30 filenames contain information on the quadrangle and sub-tile, and on the type of product. DTMs are distinguished by the type Identifiers "da5" (areoid DTMs) and "dt5" (spheroid DTMs). File names of panchromatic and color mosaics are identified by "nd5" and "co5", respectively, pan-sharpened color mosaics by "co5ps" and color-coded shaded relief maps by "da5cs". Information on tiling scheme and naming conventions is also provided in the following document:


For information on the HRSC instrument and on processing methodology please refer to the papers below and references therein:

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Jaumann, R., et al., 2007. The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) experiment on Mars Express: instrument aspects and experiment conduct from interplanetary cruise through the nominal mission. Planet. Space Sci. 55 (7-8), 928-952, doi:10.1016/j.pss.2006.12.003. (HRSC instrument paper)

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